Tucson Residents: 5 Questions To Ask a Potential Injury Lawyer

If you suspect that you may have been injured due to someone’s negligence, searching for legal representation can be one of the best first steps toward receiving fair compensation and repairing the damage to your finances and future plans.

An injury lawyer will take on the responsibility of obtaining justice on your behalf and represent your interests with dedication and professionalism.

If you have any luck, you’ll find a lawyer to take care of your case and help ensure the at-fault driver meets their responsibility. But if not, then finding an injury lawyer will feel like a full-time job on its own.

Here are five questions to ask a potential Tucson attorney so that you know if they’re right for your case:

1. How Long Have They Practiced?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you’ve been dealt a big blow to your life. So naturally, you want a lawyer who’s experienced in handling injury cases. It’s not a good idea to hire a lawyer who’s never done a case like yours since they might not know how to prepare or handle the pressure.

Try to find out how long their law firm has been around, their most recent results, and their experience in your type of case.

2. What Are Your Fees?

You’re going to have to hire a lawyer. It’s not like you can go to Walmart and hire one. There will be expenses involved, like court fees and other miscellaneous expenses.

That said, the cost of hiring a legal professional will vary from lawyer to lawyer, depending on their specialty, but in general, you should expect to pay between 10% and 30% of the settlement or award money.

3. What Is Your Success Rate?

A lawyer’s success rate is a tricky thing because it depends on a lot of factors. It depends on the lawyer’s experience and success in previous cases. However, it is a significant factor when choosing an injury lawyer.

Ideally, you want to find a lawyer with a good success rate in handling cases like yours. Try to look up other cases the lawyer has done and see how they did them.

4. Who Will Handle My Case?

This is a good question to ask any potential lawyer. Some injury law firms handle most of the work for you, while others handle each task. If you want to hire a firm to handle your case, ask them who they think should handle it.

If the firm you hire doesn’t have a clear idea of handling your case, you may have to look for someone willing to show more conviction in helping you with your case. 

5. Will My Case Will Go to Trial?

Your accident case is going to go one of two ways. Either they will settle, or they will go to trial.

Many cases go to trial, but there are always a lot of cases that settle before they get that far. If you can get a case to settle, it’s a lot easier to get a fair amount of money when compared to going to trial. If a case is only going to trial, expect to put in a lot of effort to make sure you win.

If the judge decides that the at-fault driver is at fault, then you might be able to get a settlement. If the judge decides that the at-fault driver is not at fault, then you might be forced to try the case in front of a jury.

In Conclusion

Finding a Tucson attorney who is experienced and who has a history of successful outcomes can be a challenge. You want to find a highly successful lawyer for cases like yours. That way, you’re likely to have a better outcome.

Remember that a good attorney is not necessarily one with tons of experience but is willing to work with you and help you get the best outcome possible.

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