Fotyomaç: A Strategic Abstract Game for Tactical Thinkers

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Explore the world of Fotyomaç, an abstract strategy game that challenges players’ tactical skills. Learn its rules, strategies, and the art of capturing opponents’ pieces.


Fotyomaç, a two-player abstract strategy game invented by Turkish game designer Murat Tosun, has gained acclaim for its elegant design and strategic complexity.

Played on a 6×6 board with each player controlling 12 pieces, Fotyomaç offers a deceptively simple set of rules with endless strategic possibilities.

This article delves into the game’s mechanics, explores its strategic depth, and provides tips and strategies for success.

The Origins of Fotyomaç

In 2018, Turkish game publisher Brain Games introduced Fotyomaç to the gaming world. Inspired by the concept of composing photographs, Murat Tosun designed the game to incorporate strategic thinking and elegant gameplay.

Game Setup and Objectives

Fotyomaç is played on a 6×6 board divided into 36 squares. Each player controls 12 pieces, placing them in alternating rows at the start. The game aims to capture your opponent’s pieces by surrounding them on all four sides.

Piece Movement and Capturing Mechanism

The game’s pieces can move one space in any direction, including diagonally. Capturing occurs when a piece surrounds an opponent’s piece on all four sides.

The captured piece is then removed from the board, leaving the capturing player with a strategic advantage.

The Elegance of Simple Rules

While Fotyomaç has simple rules, its gameplay offers a surprising strategic depth. The simplicity allows various moves and encourages players to explore multiple tactics and approaches.

The Impact of Small Mistakes

Despite its simplicity, Fotyomaç demands careful planning and foresight. Due to the compact board size, even minor errors can have significant consequences. Players must think ahead and consider the potential outcomes of each move.

Comparisons to Other Classic Abstract Strategy Games

Fotyomaç has earned comparisons to renowned abstract strategy games like chess, checkers, and go. Its blend of elegance, simplicity, and strategic complexity places it among the ranks of these timeless games.

Simple Rules with Endless Strategic Possibilities

Fotyomaç’s rules are straightforward, making it easy to learn. However, the game’s strategic complexity ensures that there are always new moves to discover and master, providing endless entertainment and intellectual challenges.

Challenging, Yet Fair Gameplay

Fotyomaç strikes a delicate balance between offering a challenging experience and maintaining fairness. Players can develop their skills with practice and compete against even the most experienced opponents on equal footing.

Endless Replayability

Thanks to its simple rules and strategic depth, Fotyomaç offers a high level of replayability. Each game presents new opportunities, tactics, and outcomes, ensuring players can continuously hone their strategic thinking.

Control the Center of the Board

Securing control over the central squares provides a significant advantage in Fotyomaç. It allows players to control more space, make more moves, and create opportunities for capturing opponents’ pieces.

Develop Your Pieces for Greater Mobility

Moving your pieces from their initial locations to more active places on the board is critical for maximizing their potential. Developing your pieces enhances their mobility and allows for more strategic maneuvering.

Capturing Your Opponent’s Pieces

Capturing your opponent’s pieces is the primary objective in Fotyomaç. Always look for opportunities to surround their pieces on all four sides. Capturing pieces reduces your opponent’s strength and strengthens your position.

Blocking Your Opponent’s Pieces

Strategically positioning your pieces to block your opponent’s movements can limit their options and force them into unfavorable positions. Surrounding their pieces prevents them from making escapes or strategic advances.

Persistence and Possibilities

In Fotyomaç, it’s essential to remain persistent even when facing challenging situations or falling behind. The game offers numerous opportunities for comebacks and strategic turnarounds. By staying focused and vigilant, you can create unexpected opportunities to reverse the game’s outcome.


Fotyomaç, with its elegant design and strategic complexity, offers abstract strategy enthusiasts a captivating gaming experience. The game challenges players ‘ tactical skills through its simple rules and endless strategic possibilities and rewards persistence and strategic thinking.

Whether a seasoned player or new to abstract strategy games, Fotyomaç invites you to explore its depths and embrace the thrill of intellectual competition. Engage in this strategic masterpiece and discover the joy of Fotyomaç.

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