The Life and Legacy of Tulip Victoria Khaury: Daughter of Musical Royalty

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Know about the elusive daughter of Tiny Tim, Tulip Victoria Khaury. Read on to peek into her mysterious life, family background, and her enigmatic disappearance from the public eye.


Tulip Victoria Khaury, the enigmatic daughter of the renowned singer and ukulele player Tiny Tim, remains a fascinating figure shrouded in mystery. Best known for her father’s iconic cover hits, Tulip’s life took an unexpected turn after his untimely demise.

Since then, she has largely disappeared from public view, leaving little trace of her whereabouts.

This article explores her life and legacy, piecing together the fragments of information available to shed light on this intriguing media personality.

Tulip Victoria Khaury Biography

Khaury, born on May 10, 1971, emerged into the world as the only child and daughter of Tiny Tim, the beloved musician known for his falsetto renditions of “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” and “Livin’ in the Sunlight, Lovin’ in the Moonlight.”

Tulip, named after a character from Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol,” enjoyed a brief period of public attention. However, her life retreated from the spotlight following her father’s tragic passing.

Today, little is known about her post-fame existence, except for her marriage and change of name to Tulip Khaury Stewart. According to reports, Tulip is a mother of three daughters—Jade, Trey, and Zarya—who reside with their father in Newcastle, Pennsylvania.

The Elusive Daughter of Tiny Tim

Despite her father’s three marriages, Tulip Victoria Khaury is his only confirmed child. Her mother, Victoria Lombardi, also known as Miss Vicki, married Tiny Tim at seventeen.

Their union attracted widespread attention when they exchanged vows on live television. Sadly, the couple’s relationship ended three years after Tulip’s birth.

From that point forward, Tulip largely vanished from public view, maintaining a mysterious aura around her life.

Unraveling the Secrets

Tulip has meticulously guarded her personal life, leaving an information void surrounding her career, marital status, and relationship with her daughters.

While her children have now entered adulthood, details regarding their lives remain scarce. The secrecy surrounding Tulip has left fans and enthusiasts longing for glimpses into her hidden world.

Age and Nationality

Born on May 10, 1971, Tulip Khaury is presently 51 years old. As the daughter of Tiny Tim, she holds American citizenship, aligning her identity with her home country.

The Ethnicity of Tulip Khaury

Khaury’s ethnicity can be described as Caucasian or white. However, her mixed-race heritage stems from her father’s diverse background, with Tiny Tim being half-Jewish and half-Arab. This unique blend of cultures adds an intriguing layer to Tulip’s identity.

The Enigma of Tulip Khaury’s Activities

With Tulip’s withdrawal from public life, her current pursuits remain mysterious. Precise details about her professional endeavors, if any, are yet to be revealed. However, reports suggest she leads a lavish lifestyle, hinting at a life beyond the public gaze.

The Children of Tulip Victoria Khaury

Tulip Victoria Khaury’s journey into motherhood began at an early age, as she welcomed three daughters—Jade, Trey, and Zarya. However, comprehensive information about her children and their lives remains elusive.

As adults, they have likely forged their paths, separate from the public scrutiny surrounding their mother.

The Current Whereabouts of Tulip Khaury

Although Tulip has effectively withdrawn from the public eye, reports suggest she resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and children, leading a luxurious lifestyle.

Despite her absence from public discourse, her connection to her father’s musical legacy and her enigmatic persona continue to pique curiosity among those fascinated by her story.

Final Words

Tulip Victoria Khaury’s life continues to captivate and intrigue. From her birth as the daughter of the iconic Tiny Tim to her enigmatic disappearance from the public eye, she remains a figure surrounded by mystery.

Despite the limited information available about her current endeavors, her connection to her father’s musical legacy and the allure of her own hidden story ensure that Tulip’s enigma will persist.

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